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WeatherTech, a US-based automotive tech company, is offering car tech products for tech-savvy consumers in a bid to appeal to the growing market for technology-enabled cars.

Its products include WeatherTech Automotive’s Weathertech SmartCar, the company’s most advanced automotive technology solution.

The car techs aim to solve the problems that have plagued many technology-driven cars, including the cost and weight of the components and the inability to install the appropriate safety systems in the vehicles, WeatherTech president Joe DeFazio told the Financial Times.

“In our opinion, the car tech is a critical component of any vehicle that is designed to be driven by the driver,” DeFaza said.

WeatherTech says the WeatherTech SmartCar will be available to buy from January.

Although WeatherTech’s products will be targeted at tech-minded consumers, they will be offered in many different configurations.

One model, for example, will include a standard-sized lithium-ion battery, and a second model will include an all-electric battery with a range of 100 miles.

Another model, called WeatherTech Pro, will come with an all electric battery and a range up to 150 miles.

The company says it is also developing a car tech called Weathertech Drive which will include the same features as WeatherTech Auto but for a range from 50 miles to 200 miles.

WeatherTech’s automotive technology solutions are already available on the Apple App Store.

As of March 2016, Weathertech had more than 3.5 million users worldwide, according to WeatherTech.

The app was downloaded on more than 200 million devices worldwide.

While WeatherTech is aiming to sell its cars in many other markets, the firm will not be able to sell cars in the US until 2019, DeFazzio said.

The US is not considered a major car market, so it’s unclear if its products will find a market in that market.

DeFazzian said WeatherTech wants to provide consumers with a solution that will enable them to use their car without the cost of an expensive high-tech component.

In a bid for consumer acceptance, WeatherUp and WeatherTech will begin selling their products in January, De Fazzio told TechCrunch.

However, De Feazio said he would not be surprised if the company were to shut down its US sales in 2018.

If WeatherTech were to be closed down, the US would have a market for its car tech, he said.