A car’s speakers can be controlled remotely with a Bluetooth speaker box July 14, 2021 July 14, 2021 admin

Posted November 29, 2018 05:20:38When it comes to car entertainment and audio accessories, most people are familiar with Apple’s Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which is a standard that enables smartphones to play music, play movies, and control their cars via Bluetooth.

Apple’s CarPlay, however, has its share of problems, such as the fact that the system requires a smartphone to function, so it’s not as straightforward to set up as some of its competitors.

Now, a team of engineers from the University of Michigan and Carnegie Mellon University have developed a way to remotely control car audio with an audio speaker box.

The research, which was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), shows that a speaker box can be used to control audio in a car by pairing a Bluetooth-enabled device to a car’s car audio system.

According to the researchers, the device can be configured as a Bluetooth remote control, or it can be a speaker unit that’s connected to the car’s audio system through a wireless network.

The research team, led by Anthony Zuberi of Carnegie Mellon’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, designed a system that can be connected to an iPhone to control a car audio device.

They also used a car speaker box to make the system work, using the device to control the vehicle’s audio, but with a remote control that can control the car itself.

The team used a “Bluetooth device as the car audio control,” according to the study.

The researchers then used a remote car audio controller as a control to control an iPod touch, an Android smartphone, or a Bluetooth enabled smart speaker to control their car audio equipment.

The Bluetooth device controls the audio, and the speaker box controls the vehicle.

The system is not as robust as Apple’s system, but it’s much more secure than its competitors, the researchers said.

The system allows the device and its remote control to communicate with each other in real time.