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The NFL has officially announced its schedule for next season.

Here are some of the key dates, via NFL Media:The opening game of the season between the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets will be on Oct. 15.

The game will be televised on Fox.

The Bills and Jets will face off in Week 1 of the regular season on Sept. 23.

The Eagles and Buccaneers will meet in Week 2 of the schedule.

The Eagles will play the New Orleans Saints and Buccaneers play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Titans will play in Week 3 of the schedules.

The Titans play the Tennessee Titans in the regular-season opener on Sept-17.

The Vikings will meet the Arizona Cardinals in Week 4 of the games.

The Vikings will play at the Atlanta Falcons in Week 5.

The Browns will meet at the Tennessee Jaguars in Week 6.

The Browns will play against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 7.

The Rams will play again in Week 8 of the matchups.

The Rams will face the New England Patriots in Week 9.

The Giants will play once more in Week 10.

The Giants will face either the New York Giants or the Arizona Cowboys in Week 11.

The Patriots will face both the Kansas State Wildcats and the Oregon Ducks in Week 12 of the 2018 schedule.

The Raiders will play a preseason game in 2019.

The Jets will play three games in 2020.

The Chargers will play four games in 2021.

The Dolphins will play five games in 2022.

The Cardinals will play six games in 2023.

The Broncos will play eight games in 2024.

The Chiefs will play nine games in 2025.

The Packers will play 11 games in for 2019.

The Packers will host the Detroit Lions in 2020 for the preseason.

The Cowboys will play 10 games in with the 2019 schedule.

There are seven teams in the AFC East for 2020.

There will be 10 teams in for 2021.

There is a chance for seven teams to make the playoffs for 2020, which would put the Cowboys and Falcons in the NFC West.

The Texans will host four games for 2021 in 2019, the Falcons will host two in 2020, and the Jets will host one each in 2021 and 2022.