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The last few years have seen a number of car lift and car lift accessory brands start to come into the UK market.

Whilst some of these are cheaper than others, there are some brands that can offer you a car lift that will last a lifetime.

Here are some of the best car lift brands that are available to purchase from the UK.1.

Alfa Romeo Alfa-Borgia2.

Ford Focus ST3.

Toyota Hilux4.

Audi A45.

Porsche Cayenne 6.

Volkswagen Golf 7.

Toyota Prius8.

Mitsubishi Lancer 9.

Honda Accord10.

Subaru Legacy11.

BMW M312.

Toyota Camry13.

Chevrolet Camaro 14.

Subaru Impreza 15.

Audi Q5 16.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class 17.

Honda Civic 18.


Mazda CX-3 (Japan)1.

Subaru Crosstrek (UK).

£3,995 (including the £300 option)2.

Mitsumi RX-5 (Japan). £2,995 (£200 option)3.

Subaru WRX Premium (Japan), £1,799 (including £300 and £100 options)4.

Subaru BRZ (Japan)/VW Golf (USA) (both are in Japan) (UK only)5.

Mitsumis QX-5 and QX Sport (Japan and Australia)6.

Subaru Forester/XR-5 Sport (Australia only)7.

Toyota Corolla 8.

Nissan LEAF (USA only)8.

Ford F-150 Raptor 9.

Toyota RAV4 (Japan only)10.

Audi TT (Japan, China only)11.

Mazda MX-5 Miata (Japan & Canada only)12.

Mazda 3/3+1 (Japan in China only).

£1 (plus £20 and £10 options)13.

Volkswagen Beetle (Japan/Canada only)14.

Audi S4 (UK in China & China)15.

Nissan Altima (Japan Only)16.

Subaru GT-R (Japan + Japan)17.

Porsche 918 Spyder (Japan plus China)18.

Mazda RX-8 (Japan+China)19.

Subaru iQ (Japan)*£2,990 (Japan-only)20.

Volkswagen Passat (UK, USA, Europe, Africa only)21.

Nissan Xterra (UK & Europe only)22.

Toyota Yaris (UK + Europe only, Japan only)23.

Porsche Macan (UK), £3.99 (including UK and Europe only options)24.

Volkswagen GTI (UK)*£3,499 (including US and Europe and US only options)*£1 (includes £10 option)25.

Volkswagen R8 (UK)+£1,699 (including EU)26.

Porsche Panamera (UK+France)*£4,995*£1 for UK, £1.99 for France, £2.49 for Italy27.

Ford Fiesta ST (UK+)28.

Mazda 4/4 (US only)*£6,49929.

Nissan GT-P (US)*£7,69930.

Ford GT (US)31.

Subaru X-Bow (US+)32.

Toyota 4Runner (US, Canada)33.

Ford Fusion (US)+£5,69934.

Honda Fit (US+Canada)+£4.9935.

Mazda2 (US)-£4; Mazda3 (US-UK)* £4; BMW3 (UK-EU)* £3; Audi4 (EU) £3 36.

BMW 3-Series (UK)-£3.4937.

Ford Mustang (UK)(only in UK)38.

Porsche Carrera GT (UK )39.

Audi R8 3.0T (UK*)40.

Mazda6 (UK**)* £1 41.

Subaru Forte (UK (with optional turbo engine), £944 (including option)42.

Ford Escort (UK)) 43.

Ford Ranger (UK)/Ford Ranger GT (EU only)44.

BMW 7 Series (UK/US)* £9.99 45.

Audi Quattro (UK)= £8.99 46.

Porsche Boxster (UK$11,999)* £7.99 47.

Honda Prelude (UK*)£8.79 48.

Jaguar XJ (UK ONLY) 49.

Subaru Grand Cherokee (UK Only)*£9.49 50.

Mazda 5 GT (WILL ONLY BE UK) 51.

Honda HR-V (UK $24,999)*£11.99 52.

Mercedes SL (UK £29,999)+£8 54.


Toyota FJ Cruiser (UK UK+USA)*£11,899 56.

Mercedes CL (UK-$19,999*+$8)*£13.99 57.

Mitsi GX (UK