Why do frogs get into cars? September 11, 2021 September 11, 2021 admin

If you haven’t heard, a frog is a small animal, sometimes with a tongue attached, that’s also a very powerful, poisonous and destructive predator.

The frogs have also been known to cause severe damage to cars and other vehicles.

Now, a research team from The University of Texas at Austin has identified the frogs’ venom as a toxin, which means it has a unique ability to kill.

The researchers say the frog toxin is more effective than many commonly used anti-venom drugs because it’s more specific to frogs, which allows it to kill much larger organisms.

“The frog toxin has evolved over thousands of years and has become a well-known and widely used poison, with a wide variety of uses in animals, plants and humans,” says the team.

In the study, published in the journal Nature Communications, researchers looked at frogs in the wild.

They found that the frogs can carry a wide range of toxic species, including a range of different species of frogs that have been shown to be very venomous.

The scientists found that when they tested the frogs against different types of antivenoms, the frogs didn’t show any significant difference.

In fact, the frog poison showed similar efficacy as anti-analgesics.

The frog toxin also is able to kill bacteria that are used in a variety of antifungal treatments, including probiotics and bacteria.

The research also suggests that the frog venom is less likely to be harmful to humans and pets, although the researchers say there is a lack of reliable information on the long-term safety of these drugs.

The team says the findings help to answer a longstanding question about how amphibians get into vehicles.

While many species of amphibians are known to be aggressive toward humans, frogs and other animals may also be territorial and territorial animals.

In order to get into a vehicle, frogs have to be able to reach for the handle, and it could be very difficult to grab the handle with one foot.

The study shows that the toxicity of the frog drug could be one of the reasons why amphibians may not be the most likely species to get in vehicles.

However, it does not rule out the possibility that some other species of animals may be able get into automobiles.

“It is possible that other species, such as the giant frog, have an evolutionary advantage over amphibians that might be more aggressive toward us,” the team says.

The work is supported by the National Science Foundation.