BMW M3 and X5 owners can now save on fuel by using the Punisher Car Accessories app September 12, 2021 September 12, 2021 admin

By Laura Jansen-PritchardThe UK’s largest carmaker BMW has updated its petrol and diesel fuel saving software for the X5 and X3 to use the Punishings Punisher accessory.

In an email to owners, BMW said that “the new Punisher app provides you with fuel saving, safety features and other benefits in addition to offering a convenient and easy-to-use dashboard”.

The Punisher is an electric vehicle that can charge the car while it is on the road, which has become popular among many people in the UK due to its low price.

In the Punishment app, owners can set the amount of fuel they want to save on a weekly basis, set the date of when they want the fuel saved and see the current amount of petrol they have left in their vehicle.

The Punishment feature is only available in the BMW X5, X3 and the X3 Convertible, with the BMW M2 offering it on the M3.

The Punishment car cleaning accessory is not available on the BMW models.

The UK-based BMW said in a statement: “BMW’s car care product and technology is recognised worldwide as a benchmark for excellence and a powerful means to help ensure a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.”BMW said the Punishers battery charging accessory can be used in either the X4, X5 or X3.

BMW said it was looking at expanding the accessory to other cars.

In January, BMW announced it would be offering the Punishing accessory for the BMW i3 and i3 Convertibles, the first vehicle in the premium range of the brand.BMW has also been testing the Punishes battery charger accessory in other vehicles.