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The NHL is no stranger to its collection of high-end luxury vehicles.

From the likes of the Porsche 911 to the Porsche Panamera, the league is famous for its cars that have been designed to outshine its rivals.

But one of the league’s most recognizable and iconic vehicles has long been out of the reach of most players.

That is, until now.

The 2013-14 season is the first year that the Detroit Red Wings have played a game in which they have had a player who doesn’t play for the team.

Detroit’s Henrik Zetterberg has been a part of the NHL since 2011, and for the past several years has been the team’s captain.

In addition to being the team captain, Zetterburg has been known to have some pretty high-tech cars.

He has a new Tesla, which is rumored to be the most powerful car in the world.

In the summer of 2017, the Detroit Free Press ran an article on Zetterbier that detailed his high-speed exploits.

“He’s a true collector,” one of his teammates, Petr Mrazek, told the newspaper.

“And when I say collector, I mean a collector who can go to any dealership and pick up every piece of equipment he wants.

It’s crazy.”

The article mentioned that Zetterbeers Porsche 911 was the highest-powered sports car in its class.

While some may be shocked by the car’s horsepower, Zuerber is known for being one of only two players in the league to have been able to outscore his opponents on the track.

The only other player to do so was Alex Ovechkin.

Zetterberger is known to be a bit of a racer himself, having recently become a father of his own child.

But when asked what it was like driving a Porsche 996, Zetters reaction was as genuine as his nickname.

“When I drove that car, it was insane,” Zetterber told the Free Press.

“It’s a super-fast car.

It is.

But to be able to do that in the heat of the game is insane.”

While Zetterbachs 911 has long seemed like a bit more of a curiosity than the other cars in the lineup, it appears the Red Wings may have made the right move with their choice.

The team announced on Thursday that Zetner will be getting the new Tesla S, a model that is believed to be around the same horsepower as the 911.

The new model is also rumored to come with a range of new performance upgrades that could allow it to be faster and more nimble.

In terms of the new car, the S will be built in Detroit, but the real star of the show is likely to be Zetter.

Zettel has a reputation as a driver who can get things done when it counts.

He is known as one of those players who can put his teammates on their heels, and the Red Wing may be able get some mileage out of Zetter as the new season approaches.

The Red Wings will be playing their home opener against the Anaheim Ducks on March 18, 2018.