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In the wake of a new wave of luxury car sales, the Italian fashion scene is taking a look at the latest trendsetters and the trends they are chasing.

According to a survey conducted by the magazine Football Italian, over the last three years, a significant number of new luxury car models have been launched by the Italian luxury car manufacturers, such as the Bentley, the Lamborghini, the Mercedes Benz, the Porsche, and the Ferrari.

The survey also revealed that new models are often developed for specific segments, such a luxury sporty sedan or a sports car.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the newest models launched in the last year.

In the last two years, the first two generations of the Bentley Bentayga and the first-generation Porsche Cayenne have received the most attention in the Italian market.

Bentley has been known for its luxurious models in the past, including the Bentley A-Class, which is the first Bentley model to be sold in the US since the late 1990s.

Bentley also released its first-ever luxury sports car, the P1.

The P1, which debuted in 2018, is a sports sedan with a 7,000-horsepower V8 engine, which produces a combined power of approximately 8,000 horsepower.

It also has a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and an aluminum body.

The Bentley P1 has an estimated starting price of €75,000, but the average selling price of the P2 was €120,000.

In terms of fuel economy, the Bentley P2 is rated at 15.4 miles per gallon, while the P4 comes in at 16.3 mpg.

The car has been designed to meet European standards, and is rated to meet the European standards for safety, emissions, and emissions technology.

The Cayenne, which launched in 2016, was the second-generation of the Bentayuga, and it is the second luxury car to be launched by Bentley.

The first Cayenne was the Benta, and has been marketed as a sporty sports sedan.

The new Cayenne will also feature a 7-speed manual transmission.

The C-Spec model is a compact, four-door hatchback, with a starting price at €65,000 and a retail price of $70,000 ($80,000).

The C1 and C2 models will be released in the first half of 2020.

The most popular models in this segment are the Bentley F-Pace and the Porsche Panamera.

The Panamera is a six-door luxury sports sedan, which will be offered with a six speed manual transmission, and will be available with the most advanced aerodynamics available.

The F-pace is a mid-size luxury sports sedan, which has a starting retail price at $55,000 (€46,000), and will come with a seven speed manual.

The Porsche Panameras first-gen model will come in two versions, the Panamera S and the Panamera Sport.

The Sport model is currently only available in a five-door configuration.

The sporty Panamera will be sold with a manual transmission and will have a starting cost of $5500 (€45,000) and a starting MSRP of $60,000 at the time of this writing.

The best-selling model in this market segment is the Porsche Cayman, which was released in 2019.

The SUV has a base price of approximately $70 000 ($80 000) and the price of a base model will be $65 000 ($75 000).

Porsche is also developing the Pantera, which offers a range of options, including a four-wheel drive system, all-wheel-drive, electric power steering, and a five speed automatic transmission.