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How to get a Lexus car: The car-shaped bathroom

The Lexus brand has a long and storied history of car-based bathroom accessories.The first iteration of the Lexus range was unveiled in 1966, and the latest iteration is the 2018 Lexus LFA.The brand has also released several other car-inspired accessories over the years, including the Lexas G1, the LFA, and now the LAC.

How to make a magical toilet bowl

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What you need to know about car audio accessories

What you really need to understand about the latest car audio products from brands like Apple and Google.Car audio accessories are among the most popular and most sought after products on the market, but their sales are also falling off rapidly due to rising prices, the introduction of cheaper and more sophisticated audio products, and…

When is the best time to buy a car?

I had been thinking about buying a new car for a while now.As you can imagine, I’ve been a big fan of buying used cars and, well, it’s not easy to get used cars, so it’s nice to know that I’m in the clear.But what happens if you’re just starting out?Well, it turns out you’re…

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