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When a new vehicle is sold, how much does it cost?

When a car is bought, how many people will pay the sticker price?How much will the dealership charge?And how long will it take for the dealer to deliver the vehicle?CBC News is asking these questions and more.The answers will come to light in our special Marketplace series, which airs Thursday on CBC Radio One, TuneIn…

Hyundai Car Accessories: This Christmas Car Looks Really Good

Christmas car accessories can make a huge difference to your car’s look.Whether you’re looking for a high-end ride or just a bit of fun, we have you covered with Hyundai car accessories.Read More »

How to buy cars and accessories in the US

The U.S. auto industry is a big business.With more than 300 million vehicles sold each year, the industry makes up nearly 25% of the global market.But with so many options and so many sellers, how do you find the right car for you?We rounded up the best car accessories and cars for sale in the…

When does a car hang and what do you think it’s worth?

The answer may surprise you.The answer may shock you.Car hanging is a term that’s become quite popular lately.It refers to a hanging on the side of a car or truck, but it’s actually a fairly common phenomenon, too.The term originated with the popular TV show The Big Bang Theory.The show featured the “Hangman” character, who…

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